Let’s face it – renting a property and getting your application accepted seems to be becoming harder. How many times have you turned up to a viewing with multiple other parties? Or even enquired about an advertised property to find out it has been snapped up days ago? With long term renting becoming more popular how can you stand out from the crowd as a great tenant? Follow the below handy tips and make sure you get a good head start:


  • View the Complete Advert– Read the whole advert carefully for the available property, taking note of the details. If a video link is provided, watch it. This ensures you have not wasted yours or the property manager’s time when enquiring to organise a viewing. There is nothing more frustrating to a property manager than having a question asked that is already answered on the advert and this may eliminate you from the pool of suitable tenants.
  • Enquiring? – If leaving a phone message please ensure you leave all contact details including your name and what you are enquiring “I am ringing about the property” does not quite cut it. Emailing? Then please also ensure you leave contact details including your name. If possible please ensure you have a professional email address. Your high school funny one may not be taken seriously.
  • Be Organised!– Print off an application form, complete, copy ID and take with you to your viewing. Make sure your whole application is complete per person with no double ups on requested references (yes we check these as well as credit checking). Not filled in correctly? Likely chances are it gets put at the bottom of the pile.
  • Be Presentable –Turn up to a viewing in a loud head banging music car and the likely chance is the property manager letting the property will remember you for all the wrong reasons. FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST! Think of it as comparable to a job interview; be clean, tidy and respectful.
  • Be On Time!– If the viewing is organised for a set time please turn up for that time. Not 10 minutes later as a Property’s Managers time is precious – you are likely to find they have moved onto their next appointment or have them wondering if you pay your rent on time….
  • Ask Questions – A viewing is a great way to bring your list of questions that you may have about a tenancy. Use the time effectively by chatting to the property manager about the terms and conditions that are required for the type of tenancy that they are looking for. It shows that you are serious in gathering information and making sure you have your facts straight.
  • Dog? – Bring to the viewing BUT leave in the car! I know that I like to see how a dog will react to me approaching the car. It gives a good indication of how it will react to contractors or other strangers during a tenancy that may need to access the property. As a bonus add the photo of your dog to your application form with name, age and breed details.
  • Be Courteous –If you need to cancel your viewing please let the Property Manager know at least half an hour in advance. No shows are a pet hate. If you withdraw your application please let the Property Manager know ASAP. We understand that you may find something else more suitable and it would be great to know this so we can move onto the next suitable applicant.

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